Broadcom Bluetooth BCM4352

The  Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Driver was released in March 2014. The driver was made for computers which used the Broadcom Bluetooth BCM 4532 being the Alienware 14/17/18 range of computers. See the driver file below for downloading. This was the last driver which was released which fixed a small error on the card.

The driver release fixed the WLAN LED will wink after being disable WLAN in the PC settings. Note that this driver was released for a Windows 8 computer system. If you have another operating system then you will need to run the driver in compatibility mode if there are no other drivers around for this. See the combination driver as well as it was designed for a later system with the same card. That will run on Windows 10. See here.

Compatible Systems:

  • – Alienware 18
  • – Alienware 17
  • – Alienware 14

Supported Operating Systems:

  • – Windows 8, 64-bit

Applies to:

  • – Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0


Broadcom Bluetooth BCM 4352



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