TravelMate Spin P414RNA-51 Drivers

These are the TravelMate Spin P414RNA-51 Drivers got Windows 10 64bit. I have added this below. You can see the drivers which I have added below. Also note that below are also the basic usage of the laptop. These are the original Acer drivers for the laptop. Search this website if you have a different version laptop from Acer.

TravelMate Spin P414RNA-51 Drivers


Using the Keyboard

The keyboard has full-sized keys, a numeric keypad, separate cursor keys, lock keys, Windows keys, and hotkeys.


Lock Keys

First, let’s talk about the lock keys. The keyboard has lock keys that let you turn certain functions on or off.

Caps Lock: When Caps Lock is on, all typed letters are in uppercase.
Num Lock: When Num Lock is on, the numeric keypad works like a calculator with numbers and math symbols (+, -, *, /).


TravelMate Spin Hotkeys

Next, let’s discuss the hotkeys. To use hotkeys, press and hold the Fn key, then press the other key in the combination. Here are some common hotkey functions:

Fn + F1: Sleep – Puts the computer in Sleep mode.
Fn + F2: Flight mode – Turns the computer’s network devices on or off.
– Likewise Fn + F3: Brightness down – Decreases the screen brightness.
Fn + F4: Brightness up – Increases the screen brightness.
Fn + F5: Display toggle – Switches the display between the screen, an external monitor, or both.
– Additionally Fn + F6: Display off – Turns the screen backlight off to save power; press any key to turn it back on.
Fn + F7: Touchpad toggle – Turns the built-in touchpad on or off.
Fn + F8: Keyboard backlight toggle – Turns the keyboard backlight on or off.
– Likewise Fn + F9: Speaker toggle – Turns the speakers on or off.
Fn + F10: Volume down – Decreases the sound volume.
Fn + F11: Volume up – Increases the sound volume.
– See also the Fn + F12: Num Lock – Turns Num Lock on or off.
Fn + Pg Up: Home – Scrolls to the beginning of a document.
Fn + Pg Dn: End – Scrolls to the end of a document.


Backing Up Wireless and LAN Drivers

Backing up your wireless and LAN drivers is essential. You might need these backups if you install another operating system. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Start, then select Control Center from the list of all apps.
2. Click on Recovery Management, then select the Backup tab and click Get started for Backup wireless and LAN drivers.
3. Choose a folder to save your drivers and click OK. You’ll see the backup progress on the screen.


Restoring Your Computer

If your computer is having issues, you can use Recovery Management to restore it to its default status. You can choose to keep your files or remove them before reinstalling Windows.

Enabling and Disabling Bluetooth

To use Bluetooth, both devices must have their Bluetooth adapters enabled. Here’s how to enable Bluetooth and add a device:

1. Press the Windows key or select the Windows Start button > Settings > Bluetooth & devices, then toggle Bluetooth on or off.
2. Click Add device, then select the device you want to add. Your computer will start searching for devices and make itself visible to others.
3. Select the device you wish to pair with from the list. If a code appears, enter it to connect.


Connecting to the Internet

To connect to the internet, you need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and a router or modem installed by them. Once you have internet service:

1. Ensure you have a wireless router/access point and an active internet connection.
2. Your computer will detect available networks. Select your network and enter the password if needed.


Bluelight Shield

The Bluelight Shield feature reduces blue light from the screen to protect your eyes. You can enable it by searching for ‘Quick Access’ in the Start Menu and choosing one of the four modes:

1. Low Reduction: Reduces blue light by 10%-25%.
2. Medium Reduction: Reduces blue light by 26%-45%.
3. High Reduction: Reduces blue light by 46%-65%.
4. Long Hour Mode: Reduces eye strain over long periods.


Securing Your Computer

Your computer is valuable, so it’s essential to protect it. Here are ways to secure it:

Using a Computer Security Lock: Wrap a security lock cable around an immovable object, insert the lock into the slot on your computer, and turn the key to secure it.
Using Passwords: Set up passwords to prevent unauthorized access. There are different levels of protection:
– Additionally see the Supervisor Password: Prevents unauthorized access to the BIOS utility.
User Password: Secures the computer against unauthorized use.
– Lastly there is the Password on Boot: Requires a password to start the computer.

Finally remember not to forget your passwords. If you do, contact your dealer or an authorized service center.


Error Messages

If you encounter error messages, note the message and take the appropriate action. Here are some common error messages and what to do:

CMOS battery bad: Contact your dealer or an authorized service center.
CMOS checksum error: Contact your dealer or an authorized service center.
– Additionally there is also the Disk boot failure: Insert a bootable disk and press Enter.
Equipment configuration error: Press F2 during startup to enter the BIOS utility, then exit to reboot.
Hard disk errors: Contact your dealer or an authorized service center.

Lastly if you still have problems after trying these steps, contact your dealer or an authorized service center for help.


TravelMate Spin Drivers

See also the article that I wrote on the TravelMate B118-M Drivers on this website.








4G4G (LTE) Module DriverQuectel2023/09/1920.0.71.489.4 MBDownload
Airplane ModeAirplane Mode DriverAcer2023/06/ KBDownload
AudioAudio Driver (ALC256M)Realtek2023/08/2810.29.0.7767177.37 MBDownload
AudioAudio DriverRealtek2022/03/086.0.9280.1493.97 MBDownload
Audio ConsoleAudio Console DriverRealtek2022/02/ MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth DriverIntel2023/12/0422.230.0.325.02 MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth Driver (AX201)Intel2023/08/2822.160.0.340.41 MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth DriverIntel2022/09/2322.160.0.340.4 MBDownload
CardReaderCard Reader DriverRealtek2023/08/2810.0.22621.3127614.05 MBDownload
ChipsetChipset DriverIntel2020/10/2810. MBDownload
Chipset UtilityChipset UtilityIntel2021/04/ KBDownload
DPTFDynamic Platform and Thermal Framework DriverIntel2023/12/048.7.10802.2692422.02 MBDownload
FingerprintElantech Fingerprint DriverElantech2023/08/283.6.11411.103061.64 MBDownload
G SensorG Sensor DriverBosch2021/04/ KBDownload
HID MonitorHID Monitor DriverIntel2022/02/ KBDownload
HID MonitorHID Monitor DriverIntel2021/04/ KBDownload
Intel PPMIntel Processor power managementIntel2021/04/280.0.301448.55 KBDownload
Intel TXTIntel® Trusted Execution TechnologyIntel2023/08/ KBDownload
IO DriversSerial IO DriverIntel2021/07/0730.100.2031.2325.13 KBDownload
IRSTIRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) DriverIntel2023/12/0419.5.6.1057.550.67 MBDownload
IRST UtilityIRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) UtilityIntel2021/05/0318.1.1010.033.35 MBDownload
IRST UtilityIRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) UtilityIntel2021/04/2818.1.1010.033.35 MBDownload
IRST UtilityIRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) UtilityIntel2020/10/2818.0.1017.031.86 MBDownload
LanLAN DriverIntel2023/09/1912.19.2.451.85 MBDownload
LanLAN DriverRealtek2023/09/1910.063.1014.2022610.62 KBDownload
MgmtEngine UtilityMgmtEngine UtilityIntel2023/08/282203. MBDownload
NFCNFC (Near Field Communication) DriverNXP2021/04/2812.0.6.0693.68 KBDownload
NFCNFC (Near Field Communication) DriverNXP2020/10/2812.0.6.0664.53 KBDownload


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