Quectel 4G (LTE) Module Driver

Download the Quectel 4G (LTE) Module Driver here. This was mainly used by the Acer laptop range of products. I have added the hardware codes below as well the the latest driver at the bottom. Search this website for more information on this driver. The following laptops use this driver. I have articles on here for the TravelMate Spin P414RNA-51 Drivers as well as the TravelMate P414RN-53G Drivers and the TravelMate P214-55T Drivers.

Quectel 4G (LTE) Module Driver

The hardware goes by a number of names. The include the Quectel USB DM Port, Quectel USB NMEA Port as well as the Quectel USB AT Port and Quectel USB AT2 Port. Lastly there is also the Quectel QDLoader 9008 on here. Likewise I added the Acer Laptop driver articles on here.


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LTE-A Cat 6 Module with M.2 Form Factor

Firstly, the LTE-A Cat 6 module comes in an M.2 form factor. It supports DL 2 Carrier Aggregation and 64QAM, which ensures faster and more reliable data transmission. Additionally, it offers worldwide LTE-A and UMTS/HSPA+ coverage, meaning it can work in many countries around the globe. Moreover, it includes a built-in eSIM (optional) and DSSA for flexible connectivity options. The module also features a low power mode to save energy and a multi-constellation GNSS receiver for precise location tracking, even in challenging environments. Furthermore, its MIMO technology enhances data rates and link reliability, meeting the demands of modern wireless communication systems.


To start, the Quectel EM060K is a series of LTE Advanced Category 6 modules. Utilizing the 3GPP Release 12 technology, this module supports theoretical peak data rates of 300 Mbps in the downlink and 50 Mbps in the uplink. Designed in the M.2 form factor, the EM060K is compatible with Quectel’s LTE-A Cat 6 module EM06 Series, Cat 12 modules EM12-G/EM120K-GL/EM121R-GL/EM120R-GL, Cat 16 module EM160R-GL, and 5G modules RM500Q/RM502Q Series. This compatibility makes it easy for customers to switch between different modules as needed. The EM060K series includes three variants: EM060K-GL, EM060K-NA, and EM060K-EA.

Global Coverage and Positioning

Next, the EM060K series is designed for the global market, covering nearly all mainstream carriers worldwide. It features an embedded multi-constellation and high-sensitivity GNSS receiver, which includes GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo, and QZSS, for accurate positioning. This integrated GNSS simplifies product design and provides quicker, more accurate, and reliable positioning capabilities.

Applications and Compatibility

Additionally, the module supports a wide range of Internet protocols, industry-standard interfaces, and numerous functionalities (including USB drivers for Windows, Linux, Android, and an optional built-in eSIM). These features make the module suitable for various applications such as industrial routers, home gateways, set-top boxes, industrial laptops, consumer laptops, industrial PDAs, rugged tablet PCs, and digital signage.

In summary, the Quectel EM060K series offers a versatile and powerful solution for global connectivity and precise positioning, with broad compatibility and application support.


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Quectel 4G (LTE) Driver