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Huawei 3G Module Driver Acer Aspire

Download the Huawei 3G Module driver Acer Aspire here. This is a generic 3G driver from Huawei. This driver is used on most Acer Aspire laptops and is very common. Check to see if you have the Huawei adapter or an Ericsson adapter in your computer. Ensure that you software is up to date before you install this Huawei driver.

Huawei 3G Module Driver Acer Aspire

Note that this is an old driver which was the Version driver. This was for Windows 7 32/64bit as well as Windows Vista as well as the Windows XP operating system from 2005. If you wish to install this on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system then you can install this with the INF file in the file. Download the ZIP file and then extract the content from the file.

Huawei 3G Module Driver Acer Aspire

The installation of the Huawei 3G Module driver Acer. Then click on the Directory called “Win764“. Then look inside the directory and then right-click on the INF file. This file is called the “ewser2k.inf” as you can see in the picture. This will then install the driver for you, even on a Windows 10 system. The INF file identifies the driver files as:

  • 3G Application Interface
  • 3G PC UI Interface
  • 3G GPS Interface
  • 3G PC Voice Interface
  • Application Interface
  • PC UI Interface
  • 3G Interface
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Control Interface
  • Fingerprint Interface
  • 3G module driver

See also other driver on here such as the Broadcom wifi driver Windows 10 as well as the Broadcom 802.11n network adapter.

Huawei 3G Module Driver Acer Aspire

Huawei 3G Module Driver Acer 



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