Vostro 220 Realtek RTL81XX PCI-E Driver

Driver WirelessDownload the Vostro 220 Realtek RTL81XX PCI-E Driver here. When it comes to drivers for the Vostro 220 computer, you have two options to consider: the Atheros Wireless driver and the Realtek driver. We’ll provide information on the Realtek driver in this section, including its compatibility and version details.

Vostro 220 Realtek RTL81XX PCI-E Driver


The Realtek driver in question was initially released in 2009, and its last update occurred in July 2012. It’s essential to take note of the supported operating systems for this driver, as it determines its applicability to your system. The Realtek driver is compatible with a variety of operating systems, providing flexibility in choosing the one that suits your needs. Likewise see also the Vostro 260 Realtek RTL81XX PCI-E Driver and  Vostro 230 Wireless Drivers on here. These operating systems include:


Operating System

  • Windows 7, 32-bit
  • Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Windows Vista, 32-bit
  • Windows Vista, 64-bit
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP, 64-bit

The compatibility of the Realtek driver extends to several Dell systems, making it a versatile choice. Specifically, it can be utilized with the following compatible systems:



  • Vostro 420
  • Vostro 220
  • Vostro 220s

It’s important to note that the file version for this Realtek driver is designated as “Version, A03.” This version represents the last driver release for the Realtek component of the Vostro 220 computer system. If you are using a Vostro 220, this driver version is the one you should consider. Likewise see also the Vostro 270 Intel Wi-Fi Driver as well as the Vostro 260 Wireless 1502 WLAN Driver.

For those with different computer systems, it’s advisable to explore this website further for more information and specific driver versions that cater to your hardware. It’s worth mentioning that there is also a Windows 10 Realtek version available on this website for those who have upgraded to or are using Windows 10. See also the Vostro 220 – Atheros Wireless 1525 Driver.

In conclusion, the Realtek driver provides a reliable wireless connectivity solution for the Vostro 220 computer and other compatible systems. Its broad compatibility with various Windows operating systems ensures that you can find the appropriate driver for your specific setup. If you have a Vostro 220, the “Version, A03” Realtek driver is the one you should consider, while other computer users should explore this website for additional driver options, including the Windows 10 Realtek version.

Such as the Realtek RTL8102E Win8 32bit on this website with the Atheros Wireless driver.

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Vostro 220 Realtek RTL81XX Driver