Broadcom 802.11n Wireless LAN Driver


This is the Windows version of the Broadcom 802.11n Wireless LAN Driver. This is the latest driver for this wireless adapter and comes for the WinXP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64 operating system. The hardware ID for this adapter is listed below and also the software versions for this driver. Check your hardware and software before you install the driver.

Supported Hardware IDs Listed Below:

PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4303, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4320&REV_03
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4318, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4311
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4321&REV_03, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_431A
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4324&REV_03, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4319
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4312, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4328
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4329, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_432b
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_432c, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_432A
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4716, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4722
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4340, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4341
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4314, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4315
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4316, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4350
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4351, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4353
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_0576, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4357
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4313, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4727
PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4359, PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_435A


BCM430B_DeviceDesc=”Broadcom 802.11b Network Adapter”
BCM430G_DeviceDesc=”Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter”
BCM430A_DeviceDesc=”Broadcom 802.11a Network Adapter”
BCM430M_DeviceDesc=”Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Network Adapter”
BCM43XX_HELP=”The Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter provides wireless local area networking.”
BCM43XX_Service_DispName=”Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter Driver”
BCM43XX_DiskName=”802.11 Network Adapter Install Disk”
BCM430N_DeviceDesc=”Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter”
BCMH43XX_Service_DispName=”Broadcom 802.11 USB Network Adapter Driver”


Driver Ver:, 03/19/2012








Broadcom 802.11n Wireless LAN Driver


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