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3COM 3CREB96B Wireless Bluetooth Driver

3COM 3CREB96B Wireless Bluetooth USB DriverThe 3COM 3CREB96B Wireless Bluetooth USB driver is listed below and works on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP If you have Windows 98 then you are going to need to upgrade your operating system to “Second Edition” in order for this driver to work. This USB wireless connector from 3Com is dated and not used much any longer.

Note the hardware ID’s listed below for the Bluetooth driver of this adapter.

The hardware ID for this adapter is as follows:

Device Name: 3Com Bluetooth USB Device

Device ID: USB\VID_0506&PID_00A0, USB\VID_0506&PID_00A1, USB\VID_0506&PID_00A2

This driver was released in 2003 and still used today. If you have an operating system not listed then see how to run your driver under another OS once you have downloaded the driver. See the sidebar of this website for more information about compatibility and how to fix the driver for your system.













bub1_2_10en30 Apr 20036.72 MB
Bluetooth Connection Manager(ENGLISH) March 20, 2003 (Build 12) and drivers ver. 1.2 for 3Com Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter, 3CREB96B, for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP. Windows 98 users must upgrade to Windows 98SE to use these drivers.


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