Broadcom Dell Wireless 705 GPS

The Broadcom Dell Wireless 705 GPS mini-card was released in 2010 and was last updated in 2011. This was the last driver which was released for it. The driver was re-WHQLed with MSFT win7 RTM release instead of RC release for the Windows 7 operating system. See the driver for download below.

Compatible Systems:

  • – Inspiron Mini 10 1012
  • – Inspiron 11z 1110

Supported Operating Systems:

  • – Windows 7, 32-bit
  • – Windows XP

Applies to:

  • – Dell Wireless 705 GPS mini-Card

Note that this driver if for Windows XP as well as for Windows 7 32bit version. This card was used and found in the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 1012 as well as in the Dell Inspiron 11z 1110. The driver is below for downloading.

Download Driver

Broadcom Dell Wireless 705 GPS



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