Dell Broadcom 57XX Driver

This was the last driver the the Broadcom 57XX network card which was used extensively by Dell. The file below contains the Broadcom 57XX Driver/BACS combined package Driver which was released in 2014. Note that this file is large and the driver is for the Windows Vista, Windows XP and also the Windows 7 (64bit) operating system.

Note that this network card was used in the Dell Latitude E5530, E5430, OptiPlex X90, XX10 series Precision TXXX0 computers.

Compatible Systems:

  • – OptiPlex 3020
  • – OptiPlex 7010
  • – OptiPlex 9010
  • – Precision T5610
  • – OptiPlex 9020
  • – Precision T1700
  • – Precision T1600 External XL 9010
  • – Precision T1650

Supported Operating Systems:

  • – Windows 7, 64-bit
  • – Windows Vista, 64-bit
  • – Windows XP, 64-bit


Dell Broadcom 57XX Driver



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