SunplusIT Acer Webcam

Driver WirelessIntroducing the SunplusIT Acer Webcam Drivers Version, a vital component for webcams produced by Sunplus and several other companies like Chicony, Quanta, and Bison. This driver package, designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11 (32/64 bit), provides seamless compatibility for a diverse range of webcams.

SunplusIT Acer Webcam 


Intriguingly, within this package lies essential information, including the driver version,, released on 06.02.2023. It caters to the specific hardware IDs such as


USB\VID_0408&PID_4036&MI_00, and others.

However, users have reported a peculiar issue: the webcam repeatedly turns off and on every few seconds. Even after running diagnostic tools like dxdiag, no issues were detected. This problem persisted whether using the camera app or during video meetings in Teams. This is part of the Acer SFX16-61G drivers package on here.

In my Aspire MS 2346, a recent issue emerged: the camera driver switched unexpectedly from HD webcam to SunplusIT PC Camera. Consequently, the camera ceased to function properly. Occasionally, after a system reboot, the driver displayed as 1.3M HD Webcam in the device manager, functioning correctly for a brief period. However, it swiftly reverted back to SunplusIT PC Camera, causing disruptions.

This predicament is causing significant inconvenience, especially during my classes. Seeking a prompt solution is crucial, as I cannot afford the disruption of having an additional camera protruding from my screen. Your assistance in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated.

The integrated camera, sourced from SunplusIT, utilized their driver version Interestingly, an attempt to resolve the problem led to the installation of a newer version. This being,, which didn’t fix the issue. Surprisingly, the problem was eventually resolved by altering the RsProviders folder to RsProviders_ as a backup, leading to a functional webcam.

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SunplusIT Acer Webcam Win11