TravelMate P214-55T Drivers

You can download the TravelMate P214-55T Drivers here. You can also browse this website and find more drivers such as those from the Acer Aspire 4925 Notebook Drivers as well. Likewise see also the hotkeys for the TravelMate P214-55T  as well as other shortcuts for this laptop,

TravelMate P214-55T Drivers

Note that this is the Windows 10 64bit driver which you can download below. Note that there are also other drivers from the series such as the Acer Aspire 4736 Laptop Drivers and Acer Aspire 5349 Notebook Drivers on this website. I have added the current drivers below.

The TravelMate P214-55T by Acer offers different configurations to suit your needs:

Configuration 1 features an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB SSD, with Windows 11 Professional and a 3-year on-site warranty. Likewise you will note that the configuration 2 and 3 both sport an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and either a 1TB or 512GB SSD, with Windows 11 Professional. Lastly the configuration 2 comes with a 1-year carry-in warranty, while Configuration 3 offers a 3-year on-site warranty.

All configurations share common features including a 14.0″ FHD+ display, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and a weight of 1.6 kg. They lack an optical drive but include ports for USB and HDMI, a webcam, fingerprint reader, and backlit keyboard. This is part of the Acer TravelMate P2 range.

Hotkeys for TravelMate P214-55T 

Lock Key Description:

Caps Lock: When Caps Lock is activated, all alphabetic characters typed are in uppercase.
Hotkey Combination Functions:

Fn + F1: Speaker Toggle – Turns the speakers on and off.
Fn + F2: Volume Down – Decreases the sound volume.
See – Fn + F3: Volume Up – Increases the sound volume.
Fn + F4: Microphone Toggle – Turns the microphones on and off.
Fn + F5: Brightness Down – Decreases the screen brightness.
See – Fn + F6: Brightness Up – Increases the screen brightness.
Fn + F7: Display Toggle – Switches display output between the display screen, external monitor (if connected), and both.
Fn + F8: Computer Lock – Locks your computer to secure your information. You can enter a password to continue your work.
See – Fn + F9: Flight Mode – Turns on/off the computer’s network devices.
Fn + F10: Touchpad Toggle – Turns the built-in touchpad on and off.
Fn + F11: Keyboard Backlight Control – Adjusts keyboard backlight brightness.
See- Fn + Prt Sc: Print Screen – Takes quick screenshots.
Fn + Delete Ins: Insert – Turns Insert on or off.
Fn + F: Fan Mode Switch – Switches fan mode between Silent, Normal, and Performance.

Likewise see more detailed information on optimizing cooling efficiency in different scenarios, please refer to the Acer Quick Access application. This is part of the Acer TravelMate P2 range. Likewise I added the Acer Laptop drivers articles on here.


P214-55T Drivers Download








4G4G (LTE) Module DriverQuectel2023/08/2820.0.71.489.4 MBDownload
AudioAudio DriverRealtek2023/08/286.0.9421.1182.6 MBDownload
Audio ConsoleAudio Console DriverRealtek2023/08/ MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth Driver(AX211)Intel2024/03/0622. MBDownload
CardReaderCard Reader DriverRealtek2023/08/2810.0.22621.3127614.17 MBDownload
ChipsetChipset DriverIntel2023/08/2810.1.36.7461.43 KBDownload
DES DriverDevice Enabling Service DriverAcer2024/03/ KBDownload
DPTFDynamic Platform and Thermal Framework DriverIntel2023/08/289.0.11100.2971023.08 MBDownload
FingerprintFingerprint DriverElantech2023/08/283.6.11411.103063.4 MBDownload
FingerprintFingerprint DriverSynaptics2023/08/ KBDownload
HID Event FilterHID Event FilterIntel2023/08/ KBDownload
Intel GNAIntel GNA DriverIntel2023/08/ KBDownload
Intel TXTIntel Trusted Execution TechnologyIntel2023/08/ KBDownload
IO DriversSerial IO DriverIntel2023/08/2830.100.2148.1339.49 KBDownload
IRSTIRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) DriverIntel2023/08/2819.5.1.10402.56 MBDownload
ISSTISST (Intel Smart Sound Technology) DriverIntel2023/08/2810.29.00.8365115.86 MBDownload
LanLAN DriverIntel2023/08/2812.19.2.45358.46 KBDownload
LanLAN DriverRealtek2024/03/0610.59.20.420537.36 KBDownload
LanLAN DriverRealtek2023/08/2810.063.1014.2022655.02 KBDownload
MgmtEngineME (Management Engine)DriverIntel2023/08/282247.3.5.0254.56 MBDownload
SmartCardSmart Card DriverAlcor2023/08/ KBDownload
ThunderboltThunderbolt DriverIntel2023/08/281.41.1340.01.53 MBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverElantech2023/08/2827. MBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverSynaptics2023/08/2819.0.25.11659.48 KBDownload
VGAVGA Driver(UMA)Intel2023/08/2831.0.101.4032678.45 MB
VGAVGA Driver(RTX 2050)NVIDIA2023/08/2831.0.15.2820837.24 MB
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver (AX211)Intel2023/08/2822.180.0.430.48 MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver (AX211 vPro)Intel2023/08/2822.180.0.430.48 MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver(ICPS SW)Intel2023/08/282.1123.214.25.2 MBDownload
XPERI DTS UtilityXPERI DTS Utility(DTS Console)XPERI2023/08/ MBDownload


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