3Com 3CSOHO Adapter Driver

This is the 3Com 3CSOHO adapter driver for your computer. We have listed the internal Hardware ID for this card. Check your card before you install this driver. There are a number of 3Com wireless drivers on this website so ensure that you have the correct wireless driver for your card. See more 3Com drivers listed on this website.

3Com 3CSOHO Adapter Driver

This is the old 3Com officeconnect NIC (3CSOHO100-TX). If you are running Windows XP or Windows 200 system then download the file and click on the EXE file. The driver file will then install the driver for you. Hopefully you don’t have a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system. If you do with this old hardware.

The best you can try is download the second file. 3Com driver 2 which is the INF file in the driver file. Download that ZIP file and extract the content. Then look for the “W2KEL76X.INF” file and then right-click on the file and then click on install. Windows 10 will then install the driver and say that it has found new hardware.

See also the 3Com NIC3CSOHO100B-TX driver as well as the 3Com 3CRSHPW796 Wireless PC driver as well as the last driver on here being the 3Com 3CRUSB20075 Wireless USB driver. The 3Com 3CRPCIN175 Wireless 11n PCI driver however was the first driver on here.

Hardware_Default  = “Hardware Default”
NetworkAddress      = “Network Address”
rx_checksum            = “Rx Checksum Offload”
tx_checksum            = “Tx Checksum Offload”

3CSOHO.DeviceDesc      = “3Com officeconnect NIC (3CSOHO100-TX)”

el76bc.Service.DispName = “3Com 3CSOHO Adapter Driver”

ServiceType     = 1 ;%SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER%
StartType       = 3 ;%SERVICE_DEMAND_START%
ErrorControl    = 1 ;%SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL%
ServiceBinary   = %12%\el76xbc5.sys
LoadOrderGroup  = NDIS

AddReg = el76bc.AddEventLog.reg


See also the Broadcom 802.11n network adapter driver Windows 7 on here as well as the Acer Aspire e15 drivers.


3Com 3CSOHO Adapter Driver

3Com 3CSOHO Adapter Driver

3Com Driver 2



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