Error Code 1

Driver WirelessError Code 1 or this device is not installed correctly. The error message, “This device is not configured correctly (Code 1),” typically arises due to various issues related to the device’s drivers. To resolve this problem effectively, it is crucial to understand the underlying causes and follow recommended steps. In this case, the primary cause is either the absence of drivers on your computer or incorrect driver configurations.

Error Code 1

To rectify this issue, it is highly recommended to update the device driver. This process can be initiated through the device’s Properties dialog box. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, access the Properties dialog box of the device.
  • The next step, navigate to the Driver tab within the Properties dialog box.
  • Now, proceed by clicking on the “Update Driver” button, initiating the Hardware Update Wizard.

Throughout this process, it is essential to pay careful attention to the instructions provided by the wizard. Following these instructions diligently will help you update the driver successfully.

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However, if updating the driver through the Hardware Update Wizard does not yield positive results, there are alternative options to explore. For more comprehensive guidance and troubleshooting, you may refer to your hardware documentation. These documents often contain specific information related to the device and its drivers, assisting you in resolving the issue.

An important point to note during the driver update process is that you might be prompted to provide the path to the driver. Windows may already have the necessary driver built-in or may retain driver files from previous device setup sessions. In the event that you are asked to provide the driver, and you do not possess it, there is an additional option to consider.

Download the Driver

You can attempt to download the latest driver directly from the hardware vendor’s website. This approach is particularly useful when you don’t have the driver readily available on your system. By accessing the hardware vendor’s website, you can acquire the most up-to-date driver version specifically designed for your device.

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In conclusion, when encountering the “This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)” error. Likewise, it is crucial to address the root cause, which often involves driver-related issues. In addition the recommended solution is to update the device driver through the Hardware Update Wizard.

Likewise, following the steps outlined in the Properties dialog box. However, if this approach proves unsuccessful, consulting your hardware documentation. This or downloading the latest driver from the hardware vendor’s website can provide alternative solutions to resolve the issue effectively.