TravelMate P414RN-53G Drivers

See the TravelMate P414RN-53G Drivers here. These drivers usually works across the range of laptops. Acer designs the TravelMate P4 range, a series of professional-grade laptops tailored for business and other power users. Likewise you will note that I have added the drivers below. Lastly here are some key features and characteristics typically found across the TravelMate P4 lineup.

TravelMate P414RN-53G Drivers

These laptops are mostly equipped with powerful processors from Intel. These may be Core i5 and Core i7, the TravelMate P4 laptops offer excellent performance for demanding tasks like multitasking, content creation, and data analysis. In terms of durability there is also the extensive use of durable materials that have undergo extensive testing for durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand bumps, drops, and more.

In terms of connectivity the TravelMate P4 laptops.  Likewise they are equipped with a rather wide range of connectivity options. these include USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi. As for the display options these are also wide ranging as you can see from the driver that I added below.

Other Versions of the TravelMate P4

The TravelMate P4 range by Acer offers a variety of models tailored to meet the needs of business and power users. Likewise you will note that the TMP414-51 strikes a balance between performance and portability. These mainly featuring Intel Core processors, robust security features. Lastly it also sports a very durable design ideal for professionals on the move.

Its successor, the TMP414-53, boasts improved performance as well as coming with enhanced security. There was also an update to its connectivity options to meet modern business demands. Meanwhile, the TMP414RN-51 prioritizes performance with high-end Intel Core processors. This with ample RAM, storage options, and advanced graphics capabilities, suitable for demanding tasks like content creation and data analysis.

The TMP414RN-53 and TMP414RN-54 models build upon this foundation, offering even higher performance levels, additional features, and enhanced specifications tailored to power users and professionals who require top-tier computing capabilities.

TravelMate P4 Drivers

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4G4G (LTE) Module DriverQuectel2023/09/1920.0.71.489.4 MBDownload
AudioAudio DriverRealtek2023/09/196.0.9421.1182.4 MBDownload
Audio ConsoleAudio Console DriverRealtek2023/09/ MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth Driver(AX211)Intel2023/09/1922. MBDownload
CardReaderCard Reader DriverRealtek2023/09/1910.0.22621.3127614.17 MBDownload
ChipsetChipset DriverIntel2023/09/1910.1.36.7461.43 KBDownload
DPTFDynamic Platform and Thermal Framework DriverIntel2023/09/199.0.11100.2971023.08 MBDownload
FingerprintFingerprint DriverCarewe2023/09/1914.25.0.37920.36 KBDownload
HID Event FilterHID Event FilterIntel2023/09/ KBDownload
ICSTIntel Context Sensing TechnologyIntel2023/09/192.1.10102.000232.31 MBDownload
Intel GNAIntel GNA DriverIntel2023/09/ KBDownload
Intel TXTIntel® Trusted Execution TechnologyIntel2023/09/ KBDownload
IO DriversSerial IO DriverIntel2023/09/1930.100.2148.1339.49 KBDownload
IRSTIRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) DriverIntel2023/09/1919.5.1.10402.56 MBDownload
ISSTISST (Intel® Smart Sound Technology) DriverIntel2023/09/1910.29.00.8365115.86 MBDownload
LanLAN DriverIntel2023/09/1912.19.2.45358.46 KBDownload
LanLAN DriverRealtek2023/09/1910.063.1014.2022655.02 KBDownload
MgmtEngineME (Management Engine)DriverIntel2023/09/192247.3.5.0254.56 MB
SensorSensor Driver(Integrated Sensor Hub)Intel2023/09/ KBDownload
SmartCardSmart Card DriverAlcor2023/09/ KBDownload
ThunderboltThunderbolt DriverIntel2023/09/191.41.1340.01.53 MBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverSynaptics2023/09/1919.0.25.11659.47 KBDownload
VGAVGA Driver(UMA)Intel2023/09/1931.0.101.4032678.45 MB
VGAVGA Driver(RTX 2050)NVIDIA2023/09/1931.0.15.2820837.24 MB
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver(AX211)Intel2023/09/1922.180.0.430.48 MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver(AX211 vPro)Intel2023/09/1922.180.0.451.78 MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN Driver(ICPS SW)Intel2023/09/192.1123.214.25.2 MBDownload
XPERI DTS UtilityXPERI DTS Utility(DTS Console)XPERI2023/09/ MBDownload


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