ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Driver Win 8

Driver WirelessDownload the ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Driver Win 8 here. This is a Windows 8.1 version of the wireless driver for the ThinkPad Edge E145. This wireless adapter and driver will work in the following hardware – ThinkPad Edge E145 and ThinkPad X140e (Win8 64-bit only). See the driver listed below for downloading.

ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Driver Win 8


This driver serves as a specialized tool for your computer. See also the ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Win 10 on here. It functions effectively on two distinct versions of the Windows operating system:

  1. Windows 10 (64-bit) – Representing one of the more recent iterations of Windows.
  2. Windows 8.1 (64-bit) – A slightly older version of Windows in comparison.

Now, the primary purpose of this driver is to enhance the performance of your computer’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Think of it as providing your computer with a turbo boost for wireless internet connectivity. However, there’s a caveat – it exclusively caters to specific Wi-Fi cards within your computer. These Wi-Fi cards can be likened to antennas that facilitate your computer’s communication with the internet. Likewise see also the Broadcom 43142 Wireless Driver on here.

It’s important to note that not all computers utilize these particular Wi-Fi cards. Instead, it’s a feature found in only a select couple of Thinkpad laptops:

  1. Thinkpad X140e – This driver proves advantageous for the Thinkpad X140e laptop. Think of it as gifting the Thinkpad X140e with supercharged internet connectivity.
  2. Thinkpad E145 – Likewise, the Thinkpad E145 laptop can harness the benefits of this driver. It’s akin to casting a magical spell on the Thinkpad E145 to enhance its Wi-Fi performance.

In essence, this driver is like a wizard’s wand for your computer, working its magic to improve your wireless internet experience. However, it’s crucial to remember that it only works with certain Windows versions and specific Wi-Fi cards, as not all computers possess the necessary hardware for this driver’s enhancements. Lastly also note the Aspire M3-481 Drivers Win 8.1 64bit and the Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Win 8.


ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Features


The Thinkpad laptops rely on specific wireless hardware components:

  1. Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter (43142) – Think of this as one type of wireless antenna.
  2. Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter (43228) – This is another type of wireless antenna, a bit faster than the first one.

This driver, which is like a special tool for these wireless adapters, was last updated in August 2013. It’s the final version of the driver designed for this hardware. You can use this driver with the following operating systems:

  1. Windows 8 (32-bit) – This is one version of Windows.
  2. Windows 8 (64-bit) – Another version of Windows that can work with this driver.
  3. Windows 8.1 (32-bit) – This is an updated version of Windows 8, and it’s also compatible with this driver.

So, if you have a Thinkpad laptop with one of these wireless adapters and one of these Windows versions, this driver can help your laptop connect to Wi-Fi better. It’s like giving your Thinkpad a boost for wireless internet! Lastly there is also the Dell Bluetooth Wireless 1560 + Wi-Fi.


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ThinkPad Edge E145 Wireless Driver