TravelMate B118-M Drivers

Running on Windows 10 Pro Education, it’s fast and efficient. Even the TravelMate B118-M Drivers I have added below. Note that you can upgrade it later if you want. The Intel Celeron N4020 processor makes everything run smoothly, Likewise With Intel UHD Graphics 600, your games and videos will look amazing and with 64 GB of Flash Memory and stay connected with Wi-Fi and all the ports you need for your devices. And with up to 13 hours of battery life, you can use it all day without needing to recharge

TravelMate B118-M Drivers

Is it feasible to enhance the RAM slot to 8GB? I’ve noticed that it appears to have only one memory slot, but I’m uncertain. Can I substitute it with an 8GB module instead? For the TravelMate B118-M models, some come with either 4GB or 8GB soldered onto the motherboard with no option for expansion. This is the Windows 64bit drivers only.

Regarding upgrading the hard drive – It seems that the B118-M supports either a 2.5″ drive or an M.2 SATA SSD alongside the eMMC drive soldered to the motherboard. You’ll need to remove the drive door to check for any additional components required. The 2.5″ drive bay necessitates a cable for connecting the drive to the motherboard, along with a bracket to secure the drive in place, and eight screws (four to attach the drive to the bracket and four to fasten the bracket to the machine).

The M.2 slot requires a bracket and two screws, in addition to the screw for the drive itself. If you open your hard drive cover and provide a picture, we should be able to identify what additional components you’ll need. Note that I have added the drivers below as well. Likewise also compare this to the Acer Aspire 4560 Laptop Drivers on here as well. This is part of the Acer TravelMate B1 range.

TravelMate B118-M Hotkeys

To make hotkeys work, press and hold the Fn key first, and then press the other key in the hotkey combo.

Understanding Lock Keys:

  • Caps Lock: When Caps Lock is on, all the letters you type will be in BIG LETTERS.
  • Num Lock: Turn on Num Lock (Fn + F12) when you want to use the number pad like a calculator. It’s handy when you have lots of numbers to enter.
  • Scroll Lock (Scr Lk): When Scroll Lock is on, your screen moves up or down when you press the arrow keys. But remember, it might not work in every program.

Using Hotkey Icons:

  • Airplane Mode (Fn + F3): This turns your computer’s network stuff on or off.
  • Sleep Mode (Fn + F4): Puts your computer to sleep.
  • Display Toggle (Fn + F5): Switches what you see on your screen between your laptop and an external monitor, if you have one plugged in.

Windows Keys:

  • Display Off (Fn + F6): Turns off your screen to save power. Just tap any key to turn it back on.
  • Touchpad Toggle (Fn + F7): This turns your touchpad on and off.
  • Speaker Toggle (Fn + F8): Turns your speakers on and off.
  • Numeric Lock (Fn + F11): Turns the number pad on or off.
  • Scroll Lock (Fn + F12): Another way to turn Scroll Lock on or off.

Scrolling and Brightness:


  • Home (Fn + Pg Up): Takes you to the start of a document.
  • End (Fn + Pg Dn): Takes you to the end of a document.


  • Brightness Up: Makes your screen brighter.
  • Brightness Down: Makes your screen dimmer.


  • Volume Up: Makes the sound louder.
  • Volume Down: Makes the sound quieter.


Below I have added the TravelMate B118-M Driversas at 2024 for you to download. Also see that above I have added all the hotkeys for the laptop. See also the nore added about upgrading the laptop. This is part of the Acer TravelMate B1 range.


Download TravelMate B118-M Drivers

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Airplane ModeAirplane Mode DriverAcer2020/11/ KBDownload
Airplane ModeAirplane Mode DriverAcer2018/10/ KBDownload
AudioAudio DriverIntel2018/10/ MBDownload
AudioAudio DriverRealtek2020/11/126.0.9008.1101.74 MBDownload
AudioAudio DriverRealtek2018/10/ MBDownload
Audio ConsoleAudio Console DriverRealtek2020/11/ MBDownload
Audio ConsoleAudio Console DriverRealtek2019/03/ MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth DriverIntel2020/11/1222. MBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth Driver (INT7265 )Intel2020/11/1220.60.0.4147.35 KBDownload
BluetoothBluetooth DriverIntel2018/10/1920.60.0147.31 KBDownload
CardReaderCard Reader DriverRealtek2018/10/1910.0.17134.312421.98 MBDownload
ChipsetChipset DriverIntel2018/10/1910. MBDownload
DPTFDynamic Platform and Thermal Framework DriverIntel2018/10/198.4.11000.64366.75 MBDownload
IO DriversSerial IO DriverIntel2020/04/0730.100.1726.22.45 MBDownload
LanLAN DriverRealtek2018/10/1910.26.328.2018505.52 KBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverELANTECH2018/10/1913.6.10.2109.16 KBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverSynaptics2020/11/1219.0.25.10664.77 KBDownload
TouchPadTouchpad DriverSynaptics2018/10/1919.0.25.9633.32 KBDownload
TXEIntel Trusted Execution Engine Interface DriverIntel2020/11/121924.4.0.106214.71 MBDownload
TXEIntel Trusted Execution Engine Interface DriverIntel2018/10/191731.4.0.119911.79 MBDownload
VGAVGA Driver(UMA)Intel2022/02/1727.20.100.8935440.47 MBDownload
VGAVGA DriverIntel2020/11/1226.20.100.6999359.25 MBDownload
VGAVGA DriverIntel2018/10/1924.20.100.6195353.12 MBDownload
Virtual ButtonsVirtual ButtonsIntel2018/10/ KBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN DriverIntel2021/04/1522.10.0.754.32 MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN DriverIntel2021/04/1519. MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN DriverIntel2020/11/1222. MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN DriverIntel2020/11/1219. MBDownload
Wireless LANWireless LAN DriverIntel2018/10/1920.60.212.37 MBDownload


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