Vostro 200 Wireless 1370 & 1470 

Driver WirelessThe Vostro 200 Wireless 1370 & 1470 provided driver is intended for the wireless card inside the Vostro 200 computer, specifically the “Wireless 1370/1470/1390/1490/1505/1395 WLAN.” This driver was not only used in the Vostro 200 but also in various other Dell computer models, offering a versatile solution for wireless connectivity across multiple systems.

Vostro 200 Wireless 1370 & 1470

Here are some important details about this driver:

  • Driver Name: Wireless 1370 & 1470 driver
  • Version:, A17
  • Release Date: December 2007
  • Last Updated: March 2014
  • Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit

This driver has a long history of compatibility with numerous Dell computer models, including:

Computer Models

Certainly, here are the Dell computer models presented as sentences:

  1. The Inspiron series, including models like MP061, MXC062, and 531S, offered a diverse range of options for Dell users.
  2. The Dell Vostro Notebook lineup encompassed models such as 1700, 1200, and Vostro 1710, catering to various business and personal computing needs.
  3. Likewise the Dell Precision workstations, like the M65, T5400, and T7400, were designed to handle demanding tasks and professional applications.
  4. The Dell Latitude series, known for its reliability, featured models like D830, D530, and D520, making it a popular choice for business users.
  5. The compact and versatile Dell XPS Desktop, represented by the MXP061 and MXG061 models, offered high-performance computing solutions.
  6. Additionally the Dell Inspiron 531S and MXP061 were part of the Inspiron family, delivering a blend of affordability and functionality.
  7. Dell’s gaming-oriented laptop, the M1330, was a popular choice among gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.
  8. The Dell Vostro 1526 and MXC061 were among the Vostro lineup, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.
  9. The Dell Vostro 1720 and 1521 models provided a balance of performance and portability for users on the go.
  10. The Dell M1730 and 1520 laptops were known for their robust performance capabilities and multimedia features.
  11. The Dell Inspiron 1420 and 320 offered budget-friendly computing options with reliable performance.
  12. The Dell Vostro 1721 and 1525 models combined productivity and mobility features for business professionals.
  13. Dell Vostro 1400 laptops were designed to cater to the needs of small businesses with their compact form factor.
  14. The Dell 500 and 1000 series provided essential computing options suitable for various tasks. Likewise see also the Dell Bluetooth Wireless 1560 + Wi-Fi.



  1. Dell Precision workstations like the 690, 390, and 490 were known for their reliability and performance in professional environments.
  2. The Dell Precision M20 and M4300 were favored choices for professionals who required power and mobility.
  3. The Dell Precision M90 and M6300 models were part of the high-end Precision series, offering top-tier performance.
  4. Dell Precision M2300 laptops combined portability and workstation-grade performance for professionals on the move.
  5. The Dell Latitude D620 and D430 laptops were recognized for their durability and efficiency in business settings.
  6. The Dell Latitude ATG D630 and XFR D630 models were designed for rugged environments, providing robust computing solutions.
  7. The Dell Latitude 531 and 1000 series offered a range of options for both budget-conscious and performance-focused users.
  8. The Dell Latitude D420 was a compact and lightweight laptop designed for mobile professionals.


Operating Systems

It’s important to note that this driver is designed for Windows XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit). If you have a system running Windows XP and one of the compatible Dell models mentioned above, this driver, version, A17, should serve as an excellent solution for your wireless connectivity needs. Likewise see also the Vostro 260 Wireless 1502 WLAN Driver as well as the Vostro 230 Wireless Drivers.

Furthermore, you mentioned that the Vostro 200 also came with an Intel wireless card. Likewise if you require drivers for the Intel wireless card, you can find them on the same website. In addition this particular driver, however, is for the generic card common to the Vostro 200 and other Dell models. Likewise see also the Vostro 260 Realtek RTL81XX PCI-E Driver as well as the Vostro 270 Intel Wi-Fi Driver.

In conclusion, the Wireless 1370 & 1470 driver, version, A17. Additionally it offers reliable wireless connectivity for Windows XP on a wide range of Dell computer models. If you have one of the compatible systems listed and are using Windows XP, this driver should work seamlessly for your wireless networking needs. Lastly see also the Dell Broadcom 57XX Driver.


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Vostro 200 Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN MiniCard 



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